Personalized gift for new students.
Yesterday was the first day of school at my middle school internship site. I was so excited to get started that I was barely able to sleep before the day began. I have always loved back to school season! Between new books, new clothes, new school supplies, and new students, the first day of school seems a more fitting marker of the new year. During training at my internship site, the school’s principal addressed how unique and advantageous it is to be in a career where we are able to get a new start each fall. Indeed, the arrival of new students each fall invites new opportunities to inspire, support, learn, and improve ourselves. How cool!

In an effort to help the students feel welcome and cared for, I put together personalized gifts for each member of the group seventh grade students I will be meeting with daily alongside my supervisor. Though my seventh graders did not exactly jump for joy when I handed them their treat, I do believe these little efforts go a long way in regards to building meaningful relationships with students. One of my goals this year is to become more crafty and find creative ways to acknowledge people I care about. 

When the school doors officially opened, over 400 new seventh grade students entered, confused and lost in the halls of this huge middle school building. With so much to cover in one day, the students were rushed from one place to another. It felt like a crash course into life as a middle school student. Despite all of the training and planning, the day felt chaotic. Thankfully, my experiences in my counseling program over the past  two years have taught me to recognize the opportunity for growth through chaos. New to the school myself, I could relate to the students’ feelings of anxiety and confusion. I smiled through my anxiety, making every effort to greet each student and offer my assistance. I did not have all of the answers, and most of the time, I did not know where to find the students’ classes. Yet, I joined them in the chaos until we found our way together. This is how I intend to be as a school counselor. I will not be able to solve all of my students’ problems, and yet, I will be there to support them along the way.

As many of us ring in the new school year, I am determined to make this year the best year ever! I gladly join my school internships in their journey toward continuous growth and improvement. I am ready to jump in, take risks, collaborate, and do whatever it takes to enhance student opportunities for success. Here we go!

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