Those who know me know that I have a strong value for helping others and getting involved in my community.  Though my AmeriCorps service definitely increased my dedication to community service, volunteering is something I have always enjoyed doing, and I have learned valuable lessons and skills through the process. My value for helping others is something I bring into my work as a school counselor in multiple ways.  In addition to providing services for students, I also like to encourage all students to become active members of their community through volunteering. In my experience, most students love to help and want to help...they just need a little help finding the right opportunity for them. Through my internship and community work experiences, I have had to opportunity to lead student service learning activities with Coats For Kids, the Salvation Army, the Wildlife Sanctuary, Animal Shelters, and community clean up initiatives.  Each of these experiences left the students energized to keep helping, and I am  thrilled with their enthusiasm. 

The benefits of service-learning are endless. In addition to helping the community, students of all ages learn empathy, teamwork, citizenship, job skills, personal strengths and interests, etc.  When I have had the opportunity to volunteer with students, I have seen struggling students step up as leaders, and it warms my heart to watch student's grow to develop positive self-worth through the process of volunteering. I truly believe that service learning is the most effective way to teach citizenship and help students realize their importance to their school and community. I fully intend to integrate student service learning into my practice as a school counselor in whichever school I join. I know that no matter where I go, the community need is there, and the students are ready and waiting for the opportunity to grow and learn through volunteering in their community! 

Spring is here and Earth Day is just around the corner. What a great opportunity to gather groups of student volunteers to pick up school grounds, local parks, and other spots that we all share as community members. So excited! :) 


11/2/2015 06:36:35

I could not find a place to contact you other than leaving comments...I really like all of your career lesson ideas and would like to use them. They each have information that is necessary for the lesson that is "attached" but I can't find it anywhere. Could you send those to me?
I'd appreciate it!


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